Mentored Learning

Benefits of Mentored Learning at New Horizons Australia

Set Your Own Pace

Mentored learning at New Horizons Australia gives you an on-demand training method where you determine when to train and for how long. If you have a busy life, want individual attention, and look to set your own pace, mentored learning may be a great fit.

Have A Personal Mentor At Your Side

Mentored learning courses take place at New Horizons Australia’s location. You gain access to a personal, state of the art workstation with two computer monitors. One monitor contains the course’s content, while the other provides an interactive, hands-on training environment with the actual server, software, or hardware you need to practice your skills.

As you progress and learn, a professional New Horizons instructor is at your side to answer questions, provide tailored instruction, or coach you through the course work. This personal, hands-on approach will give you a stimulating, unique, and effective learning environment.

Focus Your Learning

If you want to learn only what you need to know without wasting any valuable time, mentored learning may be right for you. New Horizons Australia will assess your skills before class even begins, and customize a learning path to fill in any weak areas.

If there is a certain area you already know, mentored learning lets you fast-forward. You can also stop on areas where you need more attention.

After the course, assessments help track your progress and what knowledge you gained. Mentored learning allows you to immediately put what you know to action, increasing your productivity and value in the job market.

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